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Beach Shower Sex

Sex on the beach can sound like the best sex. We’re on the beach together, almost naked, wet, hot, and so fucking horny for each other. It sounds like the perfect setting for a steamy sexual rendezvous!

Sex on the Beach is one of my favorite fantasies, but it can a difficult fantasy to fulfill. The beaches can be so crowded, especially in Miami.

Here is my solution when we want to have sex on the beach. We can slip into a shower room just off the beach. I love shower sex. I love getting a good hard pounding with water pouring over our hot bodies. Maybe just slip my bikini to the side and fuck me hard. Who knows, maybe someone will catch a glimpse of us. I do confess that it does turn me on for others to watch us fuck, seeing me screaming out as you make me cum.

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Written By: Isabelle

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Isabelle
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Naughty Secrets Phone Sex

I remember when I had my first orgasm it seemed like a million years ago. I wasn’t even a teen yet but I got the hang of it real quick.

Every night before bed, I would play with myself. It felt so good touching my smooth pussy, sliding my fingers in and out of my warm kitty. I started getting really good at it after awhile. I was tearing the sheets off of me, thrusting hips, fucking my fingers making myself soaked! It was so much fun I couldn’t stop. I did it every chance I could.

One night my step-daddy walked by my room and heard me moaning. He was shocked that I was spread out on the bed with my legs wide open. He told me not to stop while he locked the door. He unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock as he watched me drive my fingers deeper in my juicy pussy. He liked it so much he would moan my name and cum all over my titties. It felt so warm and sticky. Eventually, he started licking up all my juices and teaching me how to be a big girl. It was always our little secret.


Written By: Wild Whitney

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Whitney
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Holiday Cheer with Charlie

My Phone Sex Daddy and I had the best time over Thanksgiving. Usually this time of year he’s super busy and tries to wrap up all of his important business deals before the end of the year. This way we have enough time for holiday shopping and holiday snuggles. This year was a little challenging because we had tons of family over. We managed to sneak off and squeeze in some daddy-daughter fun before anybody noticed we were gone. I love making daddy happy. I was so ready for daddy to take me in his arms like he always does. I knew it was going to be a quickie but I was okay with that. As long as I felt his hungry mouth wrapped around my hard nipples and his big hands traveling up my creamy milky thighs to get to my sweet wet pussy. That’s all I needed for me to spread my legs so he can pop his big package in me and give me a quickie and fill me up with cum before we started the holiday season.



Written By: Coed Charlie

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Charlie
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Family Fun Phone Sex

Family Fun Phone Sex

I woke up really horny this morning. I much rather skip school today and play with my juicy pussy today. I must of been dreaming about one of my step-daddy’s friends. He’s a pretty special guy to me, he was always around when I was growing up. When I was younger my parents would just call him my uncle but I never really believed that. Everything seemed a little foggy last night I was laying in bed watching TV and studying for a big test coming up. I must of drifted off to sleep while my hand slid under my panties and I was thinking about Uncle Chris again.  I can remember the first time his cock penetrated my pussy. My phone sex pussy was so young and tender. I secretly loved the way he took advantage of me. I started putting a masturbation show on for him which he loved to watch me touch myself for him. It got to the point I couldn’t wait for him after school any longer, I felt the need to stick my hands down my panties and play with my pussy. He would get so mad that I didn’t wait for him. On Sunday’s when he came over for family dinners he would punish me for playing with myself with out him. My parents would be so busy with my siblings and getting a dinner party ready that Uncle and I would sneak off so he could punish me. *winks* That night before he gave me a spanking he also gave me my first anal experience. Uncle Chris always said I would like anal a lot better than being spanked and he was so right.


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Charlie
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Kinky Kimmie Plays At Home


I have a very naughty confession.

I am so incredibly horny today.

I just moved back into my college apartment. I am the first one here, so I am doing a deep cleaning. Wearing next to nothing because I am getting all sweaty. I vacuumed the bedroom and moved into the living room. I bent over to adjust a setting and my pussy brushed against the vibrating vacuum cleaner. Fuck that felt good. I was feeling desperate for a cum and that sensation made my whole body tingle and pussy drip into my panties.

I left the vacuum running and I pressed my pussy against it. I rocked back and forth until my swollen clit was pressing against the vibrating machine. I kept humping the vacuum, harder and harder as I felt my orgasm building and building.

Finally, I let a big moan as I came.  OMG, I would have been so embarrassed if you caught me doing this. What do think would have happened if you had?



This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kimmie
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Dream Fuck Phone Sex


Let’s say we cross paths and I become your naughty little secret.  It makes my pussy wet thinking about you. Sneaking around with me living on the edge a little.  You’re going to love how my tight phone sex pussy drips for you. The thought of sneaking around with a married man like you excites me while your entire family is at home waiting for you. I love when you give them a lame excuses. I love the fact that you can’t stop thinking about me. You always find a way to see me even when you have to change your entire schedule. The excitement and anticipation drives me to another level. I love being a little whore for you. My body is yours to enjoy.  I’ll always be ready for you day or night. Trust me, we won’t have any secrets. I won’t be like your girlfriend or your wife telling you I’m too tired or have a headache those words aren’t in my vocabulary. I want to do it all with you. The most important thing is that we always get off with each other and have the best fucking orgasm. I’m every guy’s dream fuck, you would be crazy not to take advantage of the situation.

Naughty Nikki


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Nikki
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I need to cum so bad! If your mind is nasty and naughty like mine, then we have a lot in common. I love hearing a hot and sexy voice at the other end of my line. I lay back on my bed removing my panties slowly for you while I listen to your kinks. We start to tease each other with our words. Little moans escape my mouth while I start to get wetter. As we both play with ourselves, our moans become one. My hands start to roam all over my sweet gorgeous body pinching my nipples feeling them harden under my touch. You instruct me to find my hot little pussy for you. Mmmm, so wet. I start to let my little sexy moans out while I tease my clit for you listening to lube your cock up and start to stroke it for me. My pussy is drenched and I want you to listen to myself fingering my pussy with the 3 fingers you instructed me with. Let’s cum together. I’ll keep finger fucking my pussy while you pump that thick delicious cock. Let’s make it hot and nasty!

Wild Whitney

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Whitney
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My Favorite Holiday

My favorite Holiday

This is one of my favorite holidays, any daddy’s girl would totally agree. I love all my phone sex daddy’s. Each and every one is so special to me. They love making me a happy lil girl. If you never had a daddy/daughter phone sex role play with me, then you’re well over due. My hard nipples are ready to be sucked and tugged on by your warm, hungry mouth. My tight pussy is already nice and wet for you. I know we’re on a busy schedule today but we can always fit in a quickie before we start celebrating the day. My tight pussy will make you cum in minutes. I love finding new phone sex daddy’s to temp, tease, and play with. My panties are soaked and I’m aching to play with your big dick.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Charlie
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My Special Man

Usually I’m on this huge fuck fest finding new bad boys to fuck but there has been this guy who has caught my interest. We’ve been chatting it up on the messenger for a few days. Some friendly flirting and getting to know each others kinks. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and he had to call. He totally fed into my ego making me feel even more beautiful. Normally, I fuck and chuck most of the guys in my life but this one I had such a desire to please him and give him my body completely. It’s like he put a love spell over me. There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for him. It’s so hard to describe, it felt so real and erotic. He treated me like his princess and every touch was full of erotic seduction. He made me cum multiple times in an hour. Amazing!!!!

I know you’ll treat me the same way. I have every desire to please you too.

Hit me up on the messenger and let’s see where it goes / AOL  ~  cum2nastynikki

~ Naughty Nikki ~

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Nikki
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Married Men Turn Me On

Married Men Phone Sex

Last year I started fucking my best friends dad. I’ll be the first one to admit, I have a problem keeping my legs shut when I come across as very sexy man. It’s happening again. I started hanging out with this new girl this year and holy shit is her dad freakin hot! It’s even more exciting that he’s married. My new friend is upstairs waiting for me while I roam her family’s house looking for her dad every time I make a trip to the kitchen or bathroom. Sooner or later he’ll catch me undressing. It was getting late and my friend decided to jump in the shower real quick after a long day. Her dad found me sitting on her bed putting on my pajama top, he shut the door behind him and gave me an a sexy smirk. He told me he knew exactly what I was up to. I wasn’t surprised when he unzipped his pants and walked towards me. I knew I had a time limit while my friend was in the shower. I licked my lips and put his cock in my sweet little mouth and started sucking away. I had to have his cock even if it was just for a little bit. I’m sure we’ll find a way to meet up again. Next time it must be secluded where we can’t get caught. I want him to have full advantage of my sexy Asian body.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kameko
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