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Holiday Cheer with Charlie

My Phone Sex Daddy and I had the best time over Thanksgiving. Usually this time of year he’s super busy and tries to wrap up all of his important business deals before the end of the year. This way we have enough time for holiday shopping and holiday snuggles. This year was a little challenging because we had tons of family over. We managed to sneak off and squeeze in some daddy-daughter fun before anybody noticed we were gone. I love making daddy happy. I was so ready for daddy to take me in his arms like he always does. I knew it was going to be a quickie but I was okay with that. As long as I felt his hungry mouth wrapped around my hard nipples and his big hands traveling up my creamy milky thighs to get to my sweet wet pussy. That’s all I needed for me to spread my legs so he can pop his big package in me and give me a quickie and fill me up with cum before we started the holiday season.



Written By: Coed Charlie

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Charlie
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My First Time With An Older Man

Of course, I had sex with high school boys, but I hit the “taboo jackpot” the first time I had sex with an older man. He was a family friend, a fishing buddy of my Dad’s. He was a teacher, my high school biology teacher to be precise. I worked for him and his wife as their babysitter for their three small children.  I always had a crush on him. He was very tall, like Abraham Lincoln tall, but fun and very handsome. I think back on it now, and I was drawn to his sexy soft but deep voice.

Then he and his wife became separated. It was a little odd because he had the house and the kids. She moved out of town. I am sure that he was lonely, sad and probably pretty horny. He started relying on me more and more to watch the kids. When he would be out late, he would just have me spend the night since there was no one to take me home and be with the kids.  My parents were so strict about me being out late but thought nothing of me staying at his house overnight.

Well, you can imagine how it happened. We became very close. He gave me his bed to sleep in when I was spending the night. He would sleep on the sofa, but he is so tall that the sofa had to be quite uncomfortable. One night, I was in the kitchen when he came home and I was in my matching pink top and short pj’s. He was turned on. I know that my nipples were pressed into the fabric of that top. For the first time, there was this very uncomfortable sexual tension. He made a bed on the sofa and tried to fall asleep in his clothes. I went up to his bed but I could not sleep. I was aching for him. I think he felt the same about me.  I heard him awake in the kitchen and I went back downstairs. Not really sure why.  He asked me if I was ok when he saw me. I did not say a word. I was speechless. He hugged me, kissed me and ended up taking me to his bed. It was magical. I learned how to really have great sex. The was the first night of many wonderful sexy nights.

I was so happy. I remember telling my best girlfriend that he fucked me like a man, not a boy.


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kimmie
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Dream Fuck Phone Sex


Let’s say we cross paths and I become your naughty little secret.  It makes my pussy wet thinking about you. Sneaking around with me living on the edge a little.  You’re going to love how my tight phone sex pussy drips for you. The thought of sneaking around with a married man like you excites me while your entire family is at home waiting for you. I love when you give them a lame excuses. I love the fact that you can’t stop thinking about me. You always find a way to see me even when you have to change your entire schedule. The excitement and anticipation drives me to another level. I love being a little whore for you. My body is yours to enjoy.  I’ll always be ready for you day or night. Trust me, we won’t have any secrets. I won’t be like your girlfriend or your wife telling you I’m too tired or have a headache those words aren’t in my vocabulary. I want to do it all with you. The most important thing is that we always get off with each other and have the best fucking orgasm. I’m every guy’s dream fuck, you would be crazy not to take advantage of the situation.

Naughty Nikki


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Nikki
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My Favorite Holiday

My favorite Holiday

This is one of my favorite holidays, any daddy’s girl would totally agree. I love all my phone sex daddy’s. Each and every one is so special to me. They love making me a happy lil girl. If you never had a daddy/daughter phone sex role play with me, then you’re well over due. My hard nipples are ready to be sucked and tugged on by your warm, hungry mouth. My tight pussy is already nice and wet for you. I know we’re on a busy schedule today but we can always fit in a quickie before we start celebrating the day. My tight pussy will make you cum in minutes. I love finding new phone sex daddy’s to temp, tease, and play with. My panties are soaked and I’m aching to play with your big dick.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Charlie
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Risky Fun

Risky Fun

It’s been a really long week so far. My babysitting schedule has been completely booked. I’ve had no time to start my holiday shopping. I did manage to squeeze in some naughty fun with one of my favorite clients. Not to mention, he gives the best holiday bonuses *winks* I babysit for them a few times a week.

The wife has a high powered executive job and never has time for her husband. Basically, she has turned him into her personal bitch boy who caters to her every need. I am sure they have a few more kinky secrets. Recently, I caught him masturbating in his home office and that’s when I got to thinking. It’s time for me to tease and taunt him making him confess all of his kinky secrets. So the next day I made sure I was wearing something adorable, as soon as I walked in the door I can tell his dick was getting hard for me. When we’re alone I’ve been giving him a glimpse of my panties making him pull down his pants and start masturbating for me. I love bringing him to the edge, and then just leave him hanging with blue balls. He then drops to his knees in front of me begging me to continue. I can see why his wife has so much fun toying with him turning him into a bitch.

I’m having way to much fun to stop now! I’m sure this year I can get even a better holiday bonus!

Naughty Nikki

AIM / cum2nastynikki

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Nikki
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Married Men Turn Me On

Married Men Phone Sex

Last year I started fucking my best friends dad. I’ll be the first one to admit, I have a problem keeping my legs shut when I come across as very sexy man. It’s happening again. I started hanging out with this new girl this year and holy shit is her dad freakin hot! It’s even more exciting that he’s married. My new friend is upstairs waiting for me while I roam her family’s house looking for her dad every time I make a trip to the kitchen or bathroom. Sooner or later he’ll catch me undressing. It was getting late and my friend decided to jump in the shower real quick after a long day. Her dad found me sitting on her bed putting on my pajama top, he shut the door behind him and gave me an a sexy smirk. He told me he knew exactly what I was up to. I wasn’t surprised when he unzipped his pants and walked towards me. I knew I had a time limit while my friend was in the shower. I licked my lips and put his cock in my sweet little mouth and started sucking away. I had to have his cock even if it was just for a little bit. I’m sure we’ll find a way to meet up again. Next time it must be secluded where we can’t get caught. I want him to have full advantage of my sexy Asian body.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kameko
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Naughty School Girl Phone Sex

Naughty School Girl Phone Sex

School has started back up already. I’m excited to get back and see all my friends. I’m kind of torn between going to school and skipping classes. Step-daddy likes when I skip so I can stay home with him. We always plan it out the night before. After everyone leaves for the day, he comes into my room with a huge hard on for me. He climbs into bed with me, pulling down my tiny thong rubbing my wet pussy. We have the whole day together so he starts by teasing my pussy with his fingers. Feeling how warm and moist I am. He loves making my pussy gush. I’ve been aching to have his big cock fill me up. I love the feeling of my tight, little pussy getting stretched open. I give him a little pout and he plunges his fingers deeper in my pussy letting me ride them until I cream all over his fingers.

Can’t wait til later this afternoon to get filled up!


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Whitney
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A Touch Of Class


What Else Could A Naughty Kitten Do In This Situation?

As you know, I am away at college. My Mom and I had a huge fight because I want her to pay for me to go to PCB for Spring Break. All of my girlfriends are going and it is going to be one wicked week of boys and partying.

I am a resourceful girl. I know nice guys like you enjoying helping girls like me. I dress super sexy. I wear a sexy little black dress, red lipstick and black stockings. I go to the most expensive hotel in town. I walk into the bar and order a glass of sauvignon blanc, a classy white wine. If you look classy, order something classy and are away from campus, the bartender is not going ask for an ID.

A very nice man offers to pay for my wine. We start chatting. He is in on town on business. We move from the bar to a very quiet, private table.  After flirting and teasing him, I explain my situation about Mom not paying for my trip to Florida for Spring Break. He wants to know how much I need. I blush, and graciously thank him for his generous offer. I show my appreciation by rubbing his cock under the table. He is already hard. I ask him to show me the view from his room. He smiles and takes me to his bed.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Trindi
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Your Fucking Office Hours


I have been fucking my Professor for a couple of months now. We have to be super careful. He is married and the university has very strict rules about Teachers not dating students. Well, we are not breaking the rules. We are not dating. We are just fucking.

I go to his office during his office hours. We fuck on his desk or on the sofa in his office. Lucky for me the walls are thick and there are no windows in his office. He can fuck me hard and deep and he really makes me scream when I cum.

How did this start?

I teased him every day during his office hours for two weeks until he just had to have me. I would cross and re-cross my legs. I would dangle my sandal from my toes. I seduced him by wearing short little skirts and tight little yoga pants. I twirled my hair and leaned over his desk so he could see my sexy bras. One day, as I was leaving, I squeezed his arm as he was showing me the door. I knew I had him. His voice trembles when his cock his hard. He had that look in his eyes. The next day, he had me bent over his desk and he was fucking during his office hours. 

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Isabelle
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Let’s Get Kinky

I’m ready for some really dirty age play fun. I have zero taboos, so I’m down for any fantasy your filthy mind can come up with. I can be your young naughty neighbor, your teasing little step-daughter, your slutty little sister… you name it, I want it. We can get as sick and twisted as you want. All those things that scare the other girls just make my pussy soaking wet. Where are all my sexy, dirty daddy’s? Your baby girl is ready to play. My voice is nice and young, you’ll blow your load all over me. I love playing the naive, innocent girl that you get to corrupt but I also love to play your accomplice and help you take advantage of one of my young friends that I bring over. The possibilities are endless with a little slut like me. Call your little Addy. Let’s play!


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Addison
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