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Perverted Fantasy Phone Sex

Do you have a deep, dark perverted fantasy? Something that you only keep to yourself? You feel ashamed for even thinking such nasty thoughts. If only your wife, boss or friends knew this side of you. You try to shake off these feelings but something stops you every time. The stiffness in your cock wins all the time. Once you think deviant thoughts, your cock starts to twitch and throb. It’s something you can’t help, it takes over your body. 

When I say key words to you like: rape, little girls, blood, tender cunts, farm fun; it’s like a light switch and you’re immediately turned on. You can’t control the urge and you find yourself on the internet finding some nasty pictures and can’t help but to stroke your cock. You wish the pictures was reality and you were right there. 

Good thing your nasty phone sex slut is willing to make it a reality for you. I love all perverted phone sex fantasies. The more deviant and darker the fantasy, the more it becomes real for us. I will make it happen, let the flood gates open to the dark world. 





Written By: Jillian

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Jillian
Dial 1.866.676.9614 to call Jillian. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Daddy and Daughter Role-Plays


If you were to ask me what my favorite role-play is I would have to say daddy and daughter by far! I love them all uncle, teacher, brother, sister but the more taboo the harder I cum. Sometimes I want to be the one to seduce but sometimes the thought of daddy forcing himself on me gets me so excited I can’t stop playing with my sweet, hot cunnie.

I imagine watching a movie with daddy and no one else is home. I am wearing the little nightie he bought me and we are cuddling. Daddy smells so good!! I love being his little princess. Daddy begins to act a little strange and suggests I go off to bed. I don’t want to go to bed so I sit on his lap and cuddle even tighter. Then I feel IT. Daddy has a big hard-on and he doesn’t want me to know. I guess it is too late now but I get off of his lap and go to bed. I mean my daddy has a hard-on for his little princess Tiny K? I go to my room and snuggle with my pillow between my skinny legs thinking about daddy’s big, hard cock.  I must have fallen asleep because I wake up to daddy standing by my bed stroking his cock. “Daddy? What is wrong”?  He doesn’t say a word but sighs really loud and pulls off my covers. I tell him he is acting like a perv and to go back to his own room.

Daddy won’t listen and he spreads my legs wide and starts to lick my little pussy. Mmmmm, it feels so good but that is my daddy. He reaches up and cups my tiny little tits. It feels good but I want him to stop. He won’t though. He comes up laying on me and pushes his tongue in my mouth. I can taste my sweet, hot cunnie on his lips. Daddy is breathing hard now and I feel his swollen cock head against my little slit. “Daddy no, stop it daddy” I try to tell him but he pushes his cock and tongue in deeper. Now daddy is pumping fast and has his big hands on my ass. He goes faster and deeper till he shoots his load of jizz in tiny no longer virgin pussy.

Do you like my fantasy? Let’s do it together.

xoxo Tiny K

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
Dial 1.866.437.0313 to call Katie. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Getting Caught By Coach

         There is the boy in school I really like. His  dad is the coach of the football team and pretty fucking hot! Every day at lunch time we leave and go to his house to mess around. I don’t fuck him YET but we do everything else.  Anal sex isn’t considered actual sex right? Allan and I go up to the attic just in case his dad comes home. We still can fuck around and make it back to classes on time.  He was eating my hot little bald teen pussy when we heard his dad come home.  I guess I was way to loud and he caught us.

He made Allan go back to school but told me that we needed to talk. He said if I didn’t he would call my parents. He demanded to know exactly what I was Going with his son. He took out has big , hard cock as he made me tell him every single detail. Watching him jerk it to the details was making me crazy excited especially since we didn’t get to finish. Coach told me what a naughty little tease and a slut I was. I thought he was going to make me give him a blowjob or something but he wanted more. Knowing that his son hadn’t popped my cherry was what made him the most excited. I told him “no” but I really wanted him to fuck my little creamy cunt. It just was so much hotter telling him I didn’t want to fuck him. He made me take off the rest of my clothes and lay down on the side of the bed his wife sleeps on. He called me really dirty names which made me even hotter and aching for his big daddy cock. He told me to put my legs up to my chest and show him my sweet honey hole.

Coach just couldn’t take anymore and he slammed me hard and fast popping my cherry. He didn’t even use a condom. He took awhile to cum as he pumped me harder and faster his big cum filled balls bouncing against my tiny ass.  With a big grunt he shot his load of jizz filling me up. He made me go back to class with his cum dripping out of me. He said next time my little ass is his.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
Dial 1.866.437.0313 to call Katie. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Family Ski Trip


       We are all getting ready to go on our family ski trip. My big brother is home from college and I am so excited. We always stop overnight on the drive there. It is the cutest little bed and breakfast. I have packed way more than I need but a girl never knows what will turn up. There is always cute boys at the lodge we ski at. My brother grabs my things and he has this strange look on his face. I wonder if he is up to something but I am so excited that I soon forget about it. On the drive there mom and dad put on their old people music as my brother and I text our friends. I fall asleep as usual in my brother strong arms.

                   My brother Wyatt wakes me up to tell me we are there. Mom and I go in as they take in our things. Mom tries to get our 3 keys but something is wrong. They made some kind of mistake and me and Wyatt have to share a room. My brother is hot but I really wanted the room to myself. We get in the room and I pull out what I will need for the night. Wyatt sees some of the things I have packed and he has a fucking fit.  He tells me only sluts wear such clothes and boys will expect things from me if I dress like that. I tell him to shut up because I am a big girl and can wear what I want. Wyatt starts to tickle me and we roll around on the big bed. He said he will be right back and is going to get some ice. I take a peak at his phone. What the fuck? Wyatt has a confirmation from the room for him being canceled.

               Now that I know what he is up to I am going to make him sorry. I put on my hottest little pink nightie and slip into bed.  I put on a porn and wait for him. He looks surprised but I tell him to leave it on or I will tell dad what he did. He looks confused but I toss him his phone. I tell him he has to do whatever I want if he doesn’t want anyone especially his girlfriend to know he worked it out so we would share a room. I could see his cock was rock hard under his sweats.  I make Wyatt watch the movie and tease him the whole time driving him crazy. I guess I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to Wyatt pulling off my panties. I started to yell for him to stop but he pushed my panties in my mouth so no one would hear me. He pushed my legs up and shoved in his big cock. My little cunny was dripping wet and creamy but I pretended I didn’t him to fuck me.  He pounded me hard filling me with spurt after spurt of cum.  When he was done he said “This is what happens to teasing little 14 year old sluts.” Then he rolled over and went to sleep. What Wyatt doesn’t know is I have it all on cam.  He is going to be my slave for the rest of the trip. 

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
Dial 1.866.437.0313 to call Katie. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Rape Fantasy Phone Sex

I have a babysitting job that I go to a couple times a month and it’s about a mile from my house. I always walk there but when I am walking home around midnight I always have this reoccurring thought. I cut across on an abandon road and nobody is ever around. I think about a guy jumping out and being very forceful with my little barley legal body. My pussy can’t help but to get soaked thinking about all the things he would do to me.

Rape fantasies are one of my favorites because I am such a submissive teen and I love forceful, older guys torturing my innocent teen body.

Let’s role-play a naughty rape fantasy that will be against my will. You might hear my young, innocent cries but my pussy will be soaked from excitement.



Little Lucie


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Lucie
Dial 1-888-758-8110 to call Lucie. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Your Little Play Thing!

1312.jpgI like to play!  I am the pretty little thing living down the block from you. I was the one who was wearing those short little shorts all summer long.  You have been watching my boobies getting bigger and bigger.  Sometimes, you put your hand in your pants when you see me outside waiting for the bus, with my little butt in the air as I bend down to tie my shoes. You want to bend me over and fuck me, don’t you?  Well, then why don’t you?

I do not have much experience with boys, but I am really curious about a lot of things.  I think I am really submissive.  I want you to take charge, and you show me how much  you want my hot little body.  Show me how to give a proper blowjob.  Teach me to take it really deep.  Don’t you want to use my pretty little mouth?

Possibly, you just need to take me and do nasty, naughty things to me.  Hold me down and make me squeal and rape my tight little pussy until I squirt all over your big hard cock.  Make me to be your pretty little play thing!

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Trindi
Dial 1.866.379.5123 to call Trindi. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

My Pussy Gushes For Married Cock!


I love playing with my all natural barley legal pussy during our hot phone sex call. Older guys on the other end of the phone totally gets my juices flowing. I defiantly have a thing for older men and if it’s married cock, my pussy automatically gushes with excitement. I love playing with married men because I know I am so much better than their lame wives. I have a very petite lil body and a super tight cunt so any guy who sticks his cock in me knows he can’t get this at home.

I’m every guys fantasy and I love extreme role-playing.


~Porsha’s Specialities~

Extreme Role-plays~ Age-Play~ Family Fun~ Bizarre Fantasies~ Rape Fantasies~

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Porsha
Dial 1.866.997.6652 to call Porsha. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Virgin Cherry Fucking with Babysitter Addison

Oh gosh I just love my babysitting job! I get to watch kids and play games all day. So the old babysitting job I had, well they like moved away. So I went looking for a new job. I answered an ad in the paper a married guy looking for loyal babysitter he can count on to take care all of the household womanly duties. The pay was crazy! So I called him up and went right over for an interview.

He asked me if I was loyal and I said yes, but I wasn’t sure what he meant. He told me to take off my top to prove I trusted him. I did and then he told me it was time to satisfy him and prove I can handle all the womanly duties. Well I had never seen or sucked a cock before, but I sure wanted the job.

He put me on my knees and made suck it until I was gagging and my eyes were watering. Then he bent me over the counter and lifted up my catholic schoolgirl skirt and shoved it in my little virgin pussy hard. Before I had a chance to say anything he wrapped one hand around my neck and the other in my hair. He pounded and pounded my pussy until I could barely take it, then pushed me to the floor. He jerked that cock off in my face, hair, and mouth telling me I would sucking and fucking his dick a lot more from now on. Guess I got the job!


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Addison
Dial 1.866.949.4311 to call Addison. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Extreme Daddy Pedo Rape with Addison

Daddy woke me up last night and crept into my room. Oh boy did I shake when his hands starting riding up my panties. He put his hand over my mouth before I could even scream! I wanted to call for help and yell out but he pinned me against the bed. I tried to run away when Daddy turned me over, but he was too strong.

He pulled back my hair out of my face and whispered to shut and to make his dick cum. Daddy said I had teased him for too long walking around the house in panties and a tee shirt. He told me Mommy was never going to believe me anyway. Time to get Daddy off he told me. He pulled down my panties and shoved it in my little ass.

Oh gosh it was so big I tried to scream while Daddy pounded my ass but he pushed my face into the pillow. After a bit I heard Daddy moan and whisper after he came that I was a bad girl for making him cum like that. Daddy sure shot a load in me!


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Addison
Dial 1.866.949.4311 to call Addison. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Fantasy Phone Sex!

  I specialize in extreme, TABOO fantasy role-play, if you think it, I will help you make it come alive! I love pushing the envelope, exploring limits and venturing into the deepest and darkest recesses of our minds. There is nothing to extreme, to taboo for me! Rape, torture, incest, snuff, toilet games, K9, Domination/suBmission and more…….try me!I love to fuck. Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime! I love cock  cock and pussy and there is no such thing as enough for me! And if one cock is good, two or three or more are better. Threesomes? Foursomes? Orgies? GangbBangs? Count me in!! I must admit too, that I love Big Black cock pounding my tight creamy cunt and my  sweet, hot asshole! I am very anal, and have mind Blowing orgasms just from a hard cock buried up my tight ass. I am your dirty slut whore and I love to play with my toys on the phone with you.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Daniella
Dial 1.866.414.6284 to call Daniella. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.