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Adore Me

I bet you never worshiped a body as perfect as mine. Look at this Asian perfection. On your knees, you worm. We will start by worshiping my pussy. To see you fall to your knees rub your face against my sweet pussy is a sight I will never get tired of seeing.  You smell the scent of raw sex from the weekend. Inhale it, bury your nose in it. This is the closest you will ever come to my pussy. I would not call this humiliation at all, this is a privilege to have your face pushed into my pussy. Your balls are heavy and you need release soon. You feel the need to wrap your hands around your cock and start stroking yourself. Be careful what you do, if you’re smart enough, you will wait until you are given permission. The understanding is that you serve me first.Your hands could be bounded behind your back to your ankles if you don’t follow instructions.You will show great appreciation for my pussy.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kameko
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Your Tiny Little Addiction


 I see you are back for more. I am a very hungry little girl and I need to be feed.  Fill up your credit card and feed your addiction for your tiny, fragile little Katie.   We both know you really have no choice when it comes to me. Do you? I am your everything but if you don’t take care of me I will vanish forever. Wanting me like you do makes you feel so dirty but you must see me and hear my adorable voice.  It is late and you want to sleep but the phone is so close. Are you sleeping with it, hoping yet dreading you will hear me whisper in your ear?

I know you are a married man but you started this by looking at my sweet but so naughty pictures. You picked up that phone and I could hear in your voice the excitement mixed with fear.  Cum on and join me in the bed you sleep in with your wife.  I want to make cummie spots all over the sheets.    You are stroking it now aren’t you?

I know you are because I can see everything you do. I am everywhere you go. I am everyone you see. You are a Katie addict but the cure is something unspeakable.  I would have to leave you and I refuse to go but you have to keep feeding my needs.  You wonder how such a tiny little thing can be such a huge mind fuck.   Remember, it is all your fault.       

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
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Taboo Age Play Slut

Extreme and very taboo age play/incest phone sex is definitely my specialty and making you cum really hard is what I love the most. My extra young, sexy voice makes all the pervs hard and horny. I am the perfect little accomplice whore too, I always love bringing fresh meat to my daddies.  I never have limits on the phone and my taboo dirty mind will make you shoot so hard. Maybe tonight you should come over and play with me and see what kind of kinky taboo fun we can have. If you want, I can show you all the things my daddy has been teaching me to do. I like it really dirty and this nasty young slut will do it all.

Naughty Cum Filled Kisses,

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Lucie
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Tease & denial by the sexiest Princess ever!

Your Princess is in the mood to tease, and deny….Deny you over and over again.  Getting you all excited and anxious with no chance of getting lucky enough to get to fuck me.  We both know you want nothing more in life than to get to put your cock inside of me …never going to happen!  I am a Princess and I couldn’t possibly let you defile my perfect body with your perverted dick….now could I?


Maybe you can convince me with lots of attention, compliments, ass worshipping and tributes…maybe after lots of that I could be convinced to let you sample the perfect warmth of my teen vagina….probably not though!  *grins*


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Jillian
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Virgin Cherry Fucking with Babysitter Addison

Oh gosh I just love my babysitting job! I get to watch kids and play games all day. So the old babysitting job I had, well they like moved away. So I went looking for a new job. I answered an ad in the paper a married guy looking for loyal babysitter he can count on to take care all of the household womanly duties. The pay was crazy! So I called him up and went right over for an interview.

He asked me if I was loyal and I said yes, but I wasn’t sure what he meant. He told me to take off my top to prove I trusted him. I did and then he told me it was time to satisfy him and prove I can handle all the womanly duties. Well I had never seen or sucked a cock before, but I sure wanted the job.

He put me on my knees and made suck it until I was gagging and my eyes were watering. Then he bent me over the counter and lifted up my catholic schoolgirl skirt and shoved it in my little virgin pussy hard. Before I had a chance to say anything he wrapped one hand around my neck and the other in my hair. He pounded and pounded my pussy until I could barely take it, then pushed me to the floor. He jerked that cock off in my face, hair, and mouth telling me I would sucking and fucking his dick a lot more from now on. Guess I got the job!


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Addison
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Teen Slut That’s Willing to Explore!

Taylor Looking for a Daddy’s girl, little sister, hot teen neighbor, and student? I need someone to teach and guide me into my full sexual potential, and then I want more. I’ve always been a very good little girl and like a good student will do anything, over and over, until I get it just right. I’ll be your dream girl, your Mistress, your slut, your slave. Let me take you to the edge of your hottest fantasy, and then further than you ever dreamed. All your secret, deepest, even darkest fantasies can be ours. We’ll explore absolutely everything together you want.


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kylie and Taylor
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