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Strap-On Phone Sex



You have been admiring my tight, teen body for awhile now. I bet you jerk off thinking about fucking me in all sorts of nasty ways.

Well, today is your lucky today. I got something really hot between my thighs and I’m not talking about my pussy. You’re going to be my little bitch and take my big, black strap-on in all your holes. There’s something so sexy about a hot, young blonde taking total control over you, isn’t it?

All those naughty things you’ve been wanting to do to me, I’m doing to you first. On your knees bitch, and lets see how much you can handle.

Naughty Nikki


Written By: Naughty Nikki

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Nikki
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Teen Domination Phone Sex

 I might be young but I defiantly know how to dominate older men. I make them grovel to my knees just by a snap of my finger. I actually find it entertaining watching grown men willing to do anything for me at any cost, no matter how humiliating it is for them.

I love the dominating, powerful men who call me as well. They think they will be in control but in a few short minutes, they become weak (as I knew they would be) and surrender to me.

I love the word “ownership.” Owning your loser ass makes me feel good, and of course, your ultimate goal in life is to make sure I am happy. I will own you until I feel you’re too worthless to continue.  

I have the perfect bratty, controlling teen voice. As soon as you hear me say hello, you know your boring vanilla phone sex days are over. Be prepared to submit to me right away because I don’t waste my time on senseless chit chat.




Written By:Horny Hanna

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The Klassy Kat

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Hanna
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Your Little Girl Sent Home From School

You get a call from my school. The Dean of Students says that I broke dress code once again. You just saw me. You drove me to school. I left your car wearing skinny white jeans and a red t-shirt. You argue with the Dean saying that you saw me this morning. My pants were tight, but they are no tighter than any of the other girls.  The Dean laughs and explains that I am sitting right in front of him. I am not wearing jeans. My pink dress is so short that he can see my white panties. You are furious at your naughty girl. Since this is my third offense, I am being suspended for the rest of the day. You have to come and take me home.

You cancel all your important meetings, grab your laptop and drive over to my school. I hop into your car. You are on the phone with the office explaining to corporate that you will be working at home for the rest of the day. I am happy that you can’t yell at me yet. I sit there looking down shamefully at the floorboard of the car.

We get home. I get us both a glass of ice tea. You want to see exactly how short is this dress. You are frustrated and angry. You tell me to touch my knees. My dress rides up in over my butt, and you can see my panties. You lean me over the counter and spank me like a naughty little girl. You get hard and pull down your pants. You pin me to the counter. You rub your cock against my ass. You fuck me hard, vigorously thrusting. You want that pussy sore. You need to teach me a lesson showing me what happens when naughty girls flash their panties at men.


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Lucie
Dial 1-888-758-8110 to call Lucie. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

It’s pretty obvious that you have a foot and leg fetish by the way you stare at me. I do look amazing in heels and a sexy pair of lace thigh highs. You can admit it, you can’t take your eyes off of me. Confess it all to me. You watch me as I walk around the house after a long day. My shoes clicking against the floor. I know that sound excites you. You long to be kneeling at my feet, I can tell by the way you’re drooling. I take a seat in the living room instructing you to get on your knees now for me. Remove my shoes carefully with out making a tear in my nylons. I raise my foot to your face watching your cock grow in your pants. I am sure you have many thoughts running through your mind, what you should do first.

I want you to just kneel before me and inhale my beautiful scent. You don’t need to think anymore, I’ll be doing that for you. Let’s start with you taking my foot in your hands and start caressing it, gently planting kisses on my perfect toes. Little moans leave your mouth, I know you want more but that comes with time and devotion. Do you think you’re up for the task to serve me?


Naughty Nikki - 1-866-394-2779

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Nikki
Dial 1.866.394.2779 to call Nikki. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Pool Service

You are a Hotel Manager. The hotel has had recent upgrades to the pool and you decide that you need to make some upgrades by adding some hot girls to your staff.

You offer me a part time job for the summer. I am going to be working with some other hot girls doing pool service. We will cater to our guests every desire and need, but you will have to work hard to take care of us.

This is not a beach hotel. The Hotel is on the bay instead of the beach. This is a busy downtown hotel that caters to business travelers. By hiring us hot, young girls, the successful businessman will be happy to return and recommend to his associates.

The only problem that you have is keeping us girls happy, so we work extra hard to keep the guests happy.

The girls and I arrive before the pool opens. We watch you clean the pool for us. We need to look extra hot, so we lay out next to the pool topless so our tits become tan. Before the pool opens, you serve us. You bring us water and juice. You spread oil on our skin. We are all hot college girls who have been hidden away in the classroom, so we need to work on our perfect tans. You massage our shoulders and rub our feet. I did not have a chance to get my toes painted red over the weekend, so I have you do it for me.

When we get in the mood for some sexy fun, we make you come over, drop to your knees, push that tiny little black bikini bottom that you picked our as part of our uniform, and pleasure us with your tongue.  After all, you have us scheduled so that we do not get to see our boyfriends as much as we would like.

You have the difficult job of keeping your Pool Service Girls Happy, but I think you are very passionate about your work!

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Isabelle
Dial 1.866.704.9517 to call Isabelle. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Adore Me

I bet you never worshiped a body as perfect as mine. Look at this Asian perfection. On your knees, you worm. We will start by worshiping my pussy. To see you fall to your knees rub your face against my sweet pussy is a sight I will never get tired of seeing.  You smell the scent of raw sex from the weekend. Inhale it, bury your nose in it. This is the closest you will ever come to my pussy. I would not call this humiliation at all, this is a privilege to have your face pushed into my pussy. Your balls are heavy and you need release soon. You feel the need to wrap your hands around your cock and start stroking yourself. Be careful what you do, if you’re smart enough, you will wait until you are given permission. The understanding is that you serve me first.Your hands could be bounded behind your back to your ankles if you don’t follow instructions.You will show great appreciation for my pussy.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kameko
Dial 1.866.734.6651 to call Kameko. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Cuckold Fantasy Phone Sex

Another Saturday night and your slut wife is going out again while you’re left home alone and bored. You know exactly why she is going out, she’s looking for real cock to satisfy her horny pussy. She’s sick and tired of your little pencil dick and she needs a real dick maybe even a big, black one to make her happy. Maybe you will get lucky this time and she might bring you home a surprise and don’t think your surprise is finally having sex with your wife. Even if she was falling down, sloppy drunk, she still wouldn’t have your micro dick inside of her. She might come home with a huge cream pie for you. You can finally see what a real  cum load looks like from a Real Cock!So loser, you’re just going to have sit home and wait. 

Cuckold Fantasies are one of my favs to talk about. Call me and let’s talk about your slutty wife while your pathetic dick is getting hard spending money on me. 


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Jenny
Dial 1.877.292.5338 to call Jenny. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Nikki Takes Charge Phone Sex



My friends and I have been having the best week by the pool. We’ve been enjoying every single moment of summer.  We were all hanging out by the pool area when I noticed you were no where to be found. Since our parents did leave me in charge for the summer, I decided to go find you and make sure you were okay.  I walked by your room only to hear some loud moans. I peeked in wondering if you had one of my friends in your room. Instead, I found you sitting in front of the computer watching some hardcore porn. I entered your room quietly. Leaning over your shoulder I whispered in your ear telling you exactly what I want you to do for me. I ordered you to take off your pants immediately and start jerking it for me. I removed my bikini top, pressing my tits up against your back. Then I took out my phone and started snapping some pics. Just in case I need to use them to my advantage at another time! You were so nervous, your hands practically trembling. That wasn’t stopping me and you were not getting out of this. I watched as you obeyed. I leaned over again, watching your every stroke. Informing you again, I’m in control of your cock now. Since the weekend is coming up that means my girls are going to be over again to hang by the pool for some more summer fun.

They all loved your pictures and you are definitely going to be our entertainment for the weekend.

Sorry little bro ~ that’s the price you have to pay for having a hot sis like me.

Naughty Nikki

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Nikki
Dial 1.866.394.2779 to call Nikki. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Crave Me

Being at college is so much fun. I have so many options to choose from between the guys on campus and all the hot professors. I love the variety. What really gets me off is teasing them and then denying them. That’s what they get for thinking I’m an easy fuck. I strip down to almost nothing in front of them, letting them stroke it for me. I don’t care if I leave them with blue balls. They plead with me how bad they want to cum after I bring them to the edge. Guess what? I don’t care! I want them to hurt for me. I make them take a deep breath and admit how much control and power I have over them. I want them to feel weak and helpless in front of me, so vulnerable. I love it! They can’t resist me and they keep coming back for my little wicked games.

I know you can’t resist me either.

What are you waiting for? Call me so I can add you to my list of weak and powerless men.


Naughty Nikki

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Nikki
Dial 1.866.394.2779 to call Nikki. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

I deserve to be spoiled

All of my phone sex sugar daddies know what a princess like me needs. My body was made for pleasure and to comfort all my phone sex daddies.They know I need to be treated a certain way. I have a collection of men who do certain things for me. They take care of all my beauty needs along with giving me an allowance for shopping. I always take care of my daddies, they are always going above and beyond for me. If your ready for some unlimited fun and share your taboo secrets while I pull you into my seductive world then you’ve come to the right girl. I’m a beautiful Asian goddess that you will absolutely fall in love with.




This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kameko
Dial 1.866.734.6651 to call Kameko. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.