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“I Love You, Daddy,” Phone Sex Fantasy

I am your little kitten, and it is time for bed, but I am not sleepy. Can you keep me company until I fall asleep? Snuggle me close. My body is tiny, and my chest is flat. When my little hands wrap around your cock, you get so hard. I hate bedtime. I don’t want to close my eyes and miss a single moment with you.

I want to play our favorite games that we share when Mommy is not at home. I do anything with my mouth, my hands, or my pussy to make you feel good, to put a smile on your face. You are always sweet to me.

I try to be a good girl, but sometimes I mess up, and I am naughty. Even when you have to spank me, you always kiss me and hold me close to you when you’re done. You give my little butt soft kisses and make me tingle inside of me.

I miss you when you’re away, so don’t keep me waiting much longer. Call me so we can play and I can whisper, “I love you, Daddy,” in your ear.




Written By: Little Lucie

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Allison
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I Hurt My Little Girl Part

I love gymnastics! I guess what I mean to say is I love my instructor, and the way my body feels when he is guiding me. Mr. John has these huge hands, and they feel so rough on my tiny, soft body. My phone sex daddy strokes his big cock while I tell him about my gymnastics class.

I was using the parallel bars when I slipped and hurt myself between my legs. It really hurt bad! Mr. John asked me if I would mind taking my clothes off so he could look. Maybe you’re thinking I really didn’t hurt myself, and just wanted his attention. You might be right! I guess you all know me too well!

He kissed all over me asking with every new kiss and lick, if it hurts.  I always said it did because I was ready for a naughty massage from him. I texted daddy to let him know what was going on. Daddy asked if I could put on my phone discreetly so he could watch. Daddy LOVES to watch!

Before long Mr. John was very hard, and my pussy was very wet and slippery. “Fuck me please, Mr. John”, I begged. It didn’t take much before his big, thick cock was dripping with pre-cum, and in my tight, little teen pussy.

Love, Tiny K




Written By:Tiny Katie

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
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Kimmie Can’t Cook, But She Can Fuck!


I try to cook a special dinner for you, but I can’t cook. Good thing that I am cute and have big tits. You think it is adorable that I mixed up my baking symbols. I put a Tablespoon of chili powder instead of a teaspoon. The look on your face and watching you grab for the milk to soothe your burning mouth made me terrible.

Once you recovered, you picked me up, grabbed me and pulled down my top. I can’t cook, but you love to grab and get rough with my big tits. I get so hot and wet when you grab my tits like that. To make up for my kitchen disaster, I owe you the best blowjob ever. I drop to my knees, take your cock into my mouth. You cock grows and gets hard so fast when I suck it.

You push me down the kitchen floor and fuck me. First, you fuck me on my back. Then you get me up on my hands and knees. I am the hottest girlfriend you have ever had. We can always order in!



This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kimmie
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Juicy Summer Phone Sex


Hey Daddies! I hope you’re having an amazing summer!

I know your daddy cock throbs at the sight of my little bald cunnie! It’s very tight, ripe and extremely juicy! I bet if you had a taste of my dripping, wet pussy, it would be the sweetest & tastiest thing you’ve had all summer.

Just imagine you come into my bedroom and I’m laying on my bed wearing a little school girl skirt and tiny tee-shirt with no bra. My legs are bent with my feet flat on the bed so you can see my tiny pink thong, and a little bit of my pussy lips hanging over the edge of them. I’m chatting on my phone with my boyfriend and I give you a big smile to come in. Your intentions were to come in to have a stern talk with me because I got into trouble.

BUT……. how could you be mad at me when I look so irresistible? In fact, you can’t help but notice a little wet spot on my panties. I motion for you to come sit on my bed but you went between my legs instead. All you wanted to do was lap up my juicy pussy with your tongue. My boyfriend who was still on the phone asked why I was moaning, and I told him I was just stretching. LOL! Daddy’s tongue felt so good! 

No daddy can resist a barely legal juicy pussy! 



Written By: Chelsea

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Chelsea
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Barely Legal Pussy Phone Sex

Look at my beautiful, tender pussy up close. So soft and smooth!  Lean forward, come a little closer, closer! Now that your nose is against my slit, I want you to smell my little pussy. You’re so close you can taste it. Too bad your screen wasn’t a scratch and sniff, huh?

 I know your cock is throbbing right now and it’s getting harder by the minute thinking about your dick sliding in me. My barely legal pussy might be too tight, you will have to work the head of your cock in my little pussy hole but don’t worry, you will eventually make it in. Once you start fucking my super tight pussy, you won’t want to pull out and that’s okay with me because I’m super fertile.

I will make all your jailbait fantasies come to life!



Written By: Jillian

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Jillian
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Sexy Little Snow Bunny

0001 kimmieIt is a snow day for the school here in town. You are out shoveling snow again for the second time today.  There is a group of teenage girls from the neighborhood hanging around playing in the snow. Wow, such cute little snow bunnies.  Even bundled up in coats and scarves, you immediately notice curves. Why didn’t the girls from your school days have curves that the ones you see here?

The girls are aggressive and flirty with you. They start throwing snowballs at you to engage you to join in their frivolity. You listen to them laugh as they surround you tossing snowballs at you and at each other.  Making comments about the size of your balls.

You grab, Kimmie, the girl from next door.  You pick her up and throw her over your shoulder. She giggles and kicks. Yells to be put down. You set her down in a big pile of snow. The snow pushes its way into her pants.  She stands up and the weight of the snow pulls her pants down.

Damn, she is smooth and bare, no panties. Your dick was cold but warms up fast. You pick her back up and carry her half-naked into your house.

The two of you warm each other up very quickly and as you thrust into her perfectly young, tight bald pussy.


Written By:Kinky Kimmie

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kimmie
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Hooked On Server At Your Favorite Beachside Restaurant

lucie You decide to head to the beach for a long weekend. As you pull into town, you stop at your favorite beach side restaurant for a cold beer and fish tacos. There is one empty table on the deck. After the drive, it is so relaxing to sit back with your dinner, admire the beach, the water, and of course all the pretty girls. You notice a cute new server. She is young, way younger than all the other staff here. She is just your type of girl. Super short dress but a pretty little face.

After the sun sets, it gets chilly quickly. Instead of heading to your condo, you find a table inside the restaurant. You seat yourself at one the new girl’s tables. You order a coffee and baileys. Her name is Lucie, and you become smitten with very quickly. She is shy at first but opens up to you. You cant take your eyes off her legs or her tiny chest. Her shift is almost over, and you overhear her looking for a ride home. You stand up, put your hand on her shoulder and offer to take her home. She is hesitant at first, but the Manager knows you and nods to Lucie.

As soon as you both get in the car, Lucie puts the moves on you and starts to seduce you. You are very familiar with the town, and she is giving directions to her house, the long way. It seems Lucie wants to spend as much as possible with you in the car. She puts her hand on your leg and invites you inside for a sexy night. Been a long time since you spent a night with a sexy, slutty college girl.


Written By: Little Lucie

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Lucie
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Holiday Cheer with Charlie

My Phone Sex Daddy and I had the best time over Thanksgiving. Usually this time of year he’s super busy and tries to wrap up all of his important business deals before the end of the year. This way we have enough time for holiday shopping and holiday snuggles. This year was a little challenging because we had tons of family over. We managed to sneak off and squeeze in some daddy-daughter fun before anybody noticed we were gone. I love making daddy happy. I was so ready for daddy to take me in his arms like he always does. I knew it was going to be a quickie but I was okay with that. As long as I felt his hungry mouth wrapped around my hard nipples and his big hands traveling up my creamy milky thighs to get to my sweet wet pussy. That’s all I needed for me to spread my legs so he can pop his big package in me and give me a quickie and fill me up with cum before we started the holiday season.



Written By: Coed Charlie

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Charlie
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Baby Bump Phone Sex

How do you like my new baby bump? My phone sex daddy has been trying for years to get me pregnant and finally succeeded. Every night he sneaks into my room and wakes me up with a big, hard cock entering my mouth. It’s like my alarm clock because he normally comes into my bedroom same time every night after mom falls asleep. Sometimes I rub my bald pussy and get it ready for him, knowing he’ll be in soon. He tells me he does the same thing. He strokes his big, daddy cock thinking about fucking his little girl while my mom is in the same room with him.

 I think tomorrow I’ll show off my pregnant belly with a tight little half shirt and watch and see my mom’s reaction. She knows I am a dirty slut but what will totally shock her is who the baby daddy is.

 If you’re wanting to hear me play with my pregnant pussy and talk about family fun impregnation phone sex, call your favorite girl now.


Written By: Jesse

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Jesse
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Fake Sorority Slut Leads to Tease and Deny

coed kimmieMy roommates and I thought it would be hilarious to dress as slutty sorority girls for Halloween. We went to a frat party on the other side of campus. No one there knew us. We were flirty, bratty little cock teases.  Made the guys get us wait on us hand and foot. 

We wanted their dicks were rock hard. So much fun teasing college boys.  So easy to tease. The three of us girls began kissing each other, well making out and touching each other’s tits.  The boys pulled out their dicks. They wanted blowjobs. We just laughed and teased them. 

I did give a couple of the boys a handjob. I was such a brat. I told them that if they sucked each other dicks, then MAYBE my hot roommates and I would be good little sorority sluts and suck them too.

Make it sexy boys! Girls get so hot watching you boys go down on each other. Turn us on! Show us what sexy cocksuckers you can be for us hot babes. We took pics on your phones of 10 frat boys down on their knees sucking their frat brother’s dicks.

Ha Ha!!

We ran all the way home with our big tits bouncing from laughing so hard! Tease and Denial for the fraternity brothers. Saving all my blowjobs and my sexy pussy for you! 

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kimmie
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