Flirting With You In Front Of Your Wife


My roommate was really sick and couldn’t work her bartending shift. I’ve helped her out before with cocktail parties so I told her I would work for her. Her job is at a really upscale bar in a 5 star hotel, to the tips would be really good.

During my shift, I noticed an attractive older man at the bar that kept eye fucking me. He even told the other bartender to buy me a drink and put it on his tab. As I walked over to thank him, his wife sits next to him. I turned right around and started serving other people. Throughout the night, he still kept staring at me so I gave him something to look at. When his wife was looking down at her phone, I gave him a little show.

I was wearing a little, tight cocktail dress with no bra and every now and then I would pull my dress down so he could see my perky tits. I dropped a few things in his viewing site so he could see my tiny, black thong up my ass. 

After a few hours of flirting with one another, he paid his tab and left with his drunk wife. The other bartender came over to me and said he left me $500 tip!

At the end the night, I went to the manager and asked him if he had any positions open for me. I defiantly need to work here. I need to flirt with my married guy again. 



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