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Let’s Get Kinky

I’m ready for some really dirty age play fun. I have zero taboos, so I’m down for any fantasy your filthy mind can come up with. I can be your young naughty neighbor, your teasing little step-daughter, your slutty little sister… you name it, I want it. We can get as sick and twisted as you want. All those things that scare the other girls just make my pussy soaking wet. Where are all my sexy, dirty daddy’s? Your baby girl is ready to play. My voice is nice and young, you’ll blow your load all over me. I love playing the naive, innocent girl that you get to corrupt but I also love to play your accomplice and help you take advantage of one of my young friends that I bring over. The possibilities are endless with a little slut like me. Call your little Addy. Let’s play!


Written By:Addison

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Addison
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Fresh Meat

          Sometimes I am asked to be an accomplice by my daddy. I can tell when he wants to hunt, because he always lays out some cute and sexy clothes for me.

After church on Sunday, we went to meet the others at a big park. It was a beautiful day and most of the congregation was there. Daddy had something special in mind for us.  He wanted to see me seduce Reverend Scott. He is very handsome and all the single women crave him. Giggles, I can see why! 

                 I wore one of my cutest dresses with no panties. Every time he looked my way, I would spread my soft legs. I did all my phone sex daddy taught me to seduce a man. I sucked on my thumb, I licked my lips, and even played with my sweet pussy when he looked my way. Finally, I walked up to him and invited him to come over for lunch with me and daddy.

When he arrived, I gave him and big hug. He is so big and strong!  I gave him a big glass of ice cold sparkling water, and he gulped it down. Oh no!! The Reverend is getting a bit dizzy. I must help him to my bed. I slowly undress him as he falls asleep.

Now he is waking up next to me in bed. He is confused. He wonders if we had sex. I lead him downstairs to the play room where daddy is starting a special movie staring Reverend Scott. 

Written By:Tiny Katie

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This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
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Your Little Girl Sent Home From School

You get a call from my school. The Dean of Students says that I broke dress code once again. You just saw me. You drove me to school. I left your car wearing skinny white jeans and a red t-shirt. You argue with the Dean saying that you saw me this morning. My pants were tight, but they are no tighter than any of the other girls.  The Dean laughs and explains that I am sitting right in front of him. I am not wearing jeans. My pink dress is so short that he can see my white panties. You are furious at your naughty girl. Since this is my third offense, I am being suspended for the rest of the day. You have to come and take me home.

You cancel all your important meetings, grab your laptop and drive over to my school. I hop into your car. You are on the phone with the office explaining to corporate that you will be working at home for the rest of the day. I am happy that you can’t yell at me yet. I sit there looking down shamefully at the floorboard of the car.

We get home. I get us both a glass of ice tea. You want to see exactly how short is this dress. You are frustrated and angry. You tell me to touch my knees. My dress rides up in over my butt, and you can see my panties. You lean me over the counter and spank me like a naughty little girl. You get hard and pull down your pants. You pin me to the counter. You rub your cock against my ass. You fuck me hard, vigorously thrusting. You want that pussy sore. You need to teach me a lesson showing me what happens when naughty girls flash their panties at men.


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Lucie
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Cream Filled Weekend

It’s so much fun at my parents house on the weekends. My step-brothers friends are constantly spending the night. I think it’s because they know I’m a nympho. I’m sure they heard some trash talk from my brother how much I love to suck and fuck. Every weekend somebody sneaks into my room, I’m not exactly sure who it is but he quietly enters my room around 2 am. I lay there quietly acting like I did not hear a thing. My pussy starts to get wet knowing whoever is standing in my room is going to take control over me. He pulls the covers back and climbs into bed with me covering my mouth with his hand while he pulls down my tiny panties. I act so helpless but secretly I love it. My sweet young pussy is always ready to get pounded on. Sometimes I try to figure out who it is in my bedroom but before I know it, he’s fucking my pussy hard and fast filling me up with my first load of the night.

Wanna join in on the fun! Call me …   Wild Whitney


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Whitney
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$500.00 Fuck

  I have this neighbor and I really thought he was kind of a sucker for me, always perving on me. I needed some extra money so I asked him for it. He made it clear it was a loan and I had a month to pay him back. I had no intentions of EVER paying him back. I mean come on look at my tiny, smokin little body, who could resist? So we played what I thought was a little game for a few weeks, I would tease him in my tiny shorts and tank when I knew he was home alone and when he knocked at my door I wouldn’t answer.  Too funny, right?I mean truth be he is kind of hot and I love older men but well “fuck it”  $500.00 is a lot of money to have to pay back. I finally decided to answer the door as he wasn’t going away. He asked for his money and I innocently said, I thought it was a gift. That made him kind of mad, and the look in his eyes made me kind of HAWT! The more I teased about it being a gift the madder he got. He pushed me against the wall and said he would just take it from me. I laughed and told him my purse was on the table and good luck with finding $500.00

With that he ripped off my clothes and pushed me to the floor and slapped his cock against my sweet face. I opened my hungry mouth and sucked him like he has never been sucked. At that moment I knew I had total control. He helped me up and I then told him to get down on his knees. He licked and ate my tiny bald pussy till I squirted all over his face.  He picked me up and carried me to my bedroom kissing me the whole time with me tasting my juices. He plunged into me hard with me squirming under him. Every time he was about to cum I grabbed his balls and made him stop. I bet he never though Tiny K could be in control of a grown man.


This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
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Daddy and Daughter Role-Plays


If you were to ask me what my favorite role-play is I would have to say daddy and daughter by far! I love them all uncle, teacher, brother, sister but the more taboo the harder I cum. Sometimes I want to be the one to seduce but sometimes the thought of daddy forcing himself on me gets me so excited I can’t stop playing with my sweet, hot cunnie.

I imagine watching a movie with daddy and no one else is home. I am wearing the little nightie he bought me and we are cuddling. Daddy smells so good!! I love being his little princess. Daddy begins to act a little strange and suggests I go off to bed. I don’t want to go to bed so I sit on his lap and cuddle even tighter. Then I feel IT. Daddy has a big hard-on and he doesn’t want me to know. I guess it is too late now but I get off of his lap and go to bed. I mean my daddy has a hard-on for his little princess Tiny K? I go to my room and snuggle with my pillow between my skinny legs thinking about daddy’s big, hard cock.  I must have fallen asleep because I wake up to daddy standing by my bed stroking his cock. “Daddy? What is wrong”?  He doesn’t say a word but sighs really loud and pulls off my covers. I tell him he is acting like a perv and to go back to his own room.

Daddy won’t listen and he spreads my legs wide and starts to lick my little pussy. Mmmmm, it feels so good but that is my daddy. He reaches up and cups my tiny little tits. It feels good but I want him to stop. He won’t though. He comes up laying on me and pushes his tongue in my mouth. I can taste my sweet, hot cunnie on his lips. Daddy is breathing hard now and I feel his swollen cock head against my little slit. “Daddy no, stop it daddy” I try to tell him but he pushes his cock and tongue in deeper. Now daddy is pumping fast and has his big hands on my ass. He goes faster and deeper till he shoots his load of jizz in tiny no longer virgin pussy.

Do you like my fantasy? Let’s do it together.

xoxo Tiny K

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
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Uncle Andy Was Bad!


 I was getting ready for bed and Mr Andrews called telling me I left my money for babysitting on the counter. I call him Uncle Andy and he is always perving on my cute tiny teen body. He said he would bring it over and since I just sleep in my little panties I put on a robe. I waited downstairs till I heard his knock. He walked over because he just lives a few houses up the street. He stood outside and asked if anyone else was home. Like he didn’t know I was alone with the way e is always watching me. He pushed his way in and started to hand me my money but when I went to take it he pulled it away. “I am tired and ready for bed so stop being an asshat, give me my money and leave”, I said.  He put it down his pants and told me to  just take it. I threatened to scream so he gave me my money and again I told him to leave. With all the movement my little robe opened up and I could see he was sporting a boner. “I am going to bed so you better leave now”. I said as I began to walk up the stairs. I turned my head, stuck out my tongue and slowly walked up.

Now he was following me and I admit I loved teasing him. “Go home, Uncle Andy”, I yelled. He followed me up and before I could lock my door he grabbed me from behind and tore off my robe. He put his big hand on my little bald pussy and noticed I was dripping wet. I yelled at him again to GO HOME but he wasn’t listening. He seemed really mad and was calling me names and said that little sluts get what they deserve.  He pushed me on my pink comforter face down pushing my face in the pillow. I could feel his hard cock against my tiny little ass. He held me down with his weight and I struggled under him which made him even more excited. He made me reach back and guide his cock to my cute little pucker. He grunted and pushed in hard stretching me open. I pretended to cry but I wanted him to fuck me rough ever since we met.

He thrusted in and out breathing hard till I begged him to cum in my little ass. He pulled my hair hard and with one more thrust he shot his huge hot sticky load. He flipped my tiny body over and demanded I clean his cock of cum and ass juices before he went home to his wife. With a mean look on his face he said ” Okay, I am going now Tiny K”.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
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Getting Caught By Coach

         There is the boy in school I really like. His  dad is the coach of the football team and pretty fucking hot! Every day at lunch time we leave and go to his house to mess around. I don’t fuck him YET but we do everything else.  Anal sex isn’t considered actual sex right? Allan and I go up to the attic just in case his dad comes home. We still can fuck around and make it back to classes on time.  He was eating my hot little bald teen pussy when we heard his dad come home.  I guess I was way to loud and he caught us.

He made Allan go back to school but told me that we needed to talk. He said if I didn’t he would call my parents. He demanded to know exactly what I was Going with his son. He took out has big , hard cock as he made me tell him every single detail. Watching him jerk it to the details was making me crazy excited especially since we didn’t get to finish. Coach told me what a naughty little tease and a slut I was. I thought he was going to make me give him a blowjob or something but he wanted more. Knowing that his son hadn’t popped my cherry was what made him the most excited. I told him “no” but I really wanted him to fuck my little creamy cunt. It just was so much hotter telling him I didn’t want to fuck him. He made me take off the rest of my clothes and lay down on the side of the bed his wife sleeps on. He called me really dirty names which made me even hotter and aching for his big daddy cock. He told me to put my legs up to my chest and show him my sweet honey hole.

Coach just couldn’t take anymore and he slammed me hard and fast popping my cherry. He didn’t even use a condom. He took awhile to cum as he pumped me harder and faster his big cum filled balls bouncing against my tiny ass.  With a big grunt he shot his load of jizz filling me up. He made me go back to class with his cum dripping out of me. He said next time my little ass is his.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
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Daddy’s College Buddies


     Our sailing trip has been amazing so far. Nothing but sun and sex. Yesterday we docked in Massachusetts so my daddy could meet up with some of his college friends.  Step daddy showed me all the pictures from parties. I always knew daddy liked younger girls but his friends do as well. He told me I was going to be the entertainment for all his friends on the boat. On one of our shopping trips we bought me a few really sexy outfits and toys like nipple clamps, anal beads, a blind fold, ball gag and restraints. He had me wear a tiny plaid skirt, white panties and a white blouse. Daddy had me take a special pill to calm my nerves and make me extra horny. Like I need help getting wet and horny for 5 men!

Daddy told me to put on the outfit and to suck his cock before everyone arrived. He told me I was to go along with him when he told his friends I was a girl he abducted. Before they arrived we prepared.  Daddy had me put on the nipple clamps, pushed the anal beads in my tiny little ass, kissed me and put on the ball gag. When the men arrived I was restrained to the bed and there for the men to take in any way they wanted.  He said the most important part was to cry and scream and not let them know I loved every hot minute of them raping me. I wasn’t knocked up yet and for him not knowing whose it was would be the hottest part.  Once the men joined us daddy told them the surprise was in the mid cabin and he would show them their gift as soon as we sailed back to sea where no one could hear.

I could tell you the rest of the what happened last night in the blog but it is was too depraved!  Why not just call me for the hot, dirty, and nasty details. 

Daddy’s little whore, Katie

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
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Katie Your Dirty Little Accomplice

           You are thinking about her again, aren’t you daddy? I can’t say I blame you at all. Her lips are so pink and soft. You think about what it would feel like if she just opened her mouth and you pushed in your hard cock. I bet her little tongue is wet and warm.  Those aren’t the only silky pink lips you are thinking of. It is okay daddy, I know you just love little girls and everything about them. Smell her soft silky hair. It smells just like peach from the shampoo you bought her. What are you waiting for? Your boring old wife is sound asleep and here is your chance. Do you know what I think? I think you need a cute little accomplice to play with her little bald kitty while you get off thinking about your little princess. I want it as much as you do! Call me.

Princess Katie, Your Little Accomplice.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
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