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Bad, Bad Lil Katie

          I am really good at finding out men’s deep dark secrets and once I do fuck are you in for it. A friend of my dad’s took me out for dinner and I watched his every action and reaction for later use. Lol! So what is it that I could have found out? Well he seems to love tiny, fragile, pale underage girls like me.

He is a bit of a  perv!  After dinner we went to the park to talk about things, you know boys and money. I noticed something else he also loved looking at women who were also rail thin but with HUGE boobs! He also, and this well I was surprised as could be…I think he likes tranys and DOGS, yes dogs!  So as you can see he isn’t a bit of a perv but a total dirty daddy!

I thought long and hard *giggles* about what I wanted to do with this info. Was it blackmail or did I want to see him in action. Yep, you guessed it I wanted to see it all. Problem was I didn’t know any trany’s who fit the discription of his type, but I do have a big ole German Shepard who seems to be always humping things and horny.  I arranged things with a friend of a friend and got my hot blonde trany with the huge boobs. I called daddy’s friend from  Lona’s house and asked him to come pick me up. Now everything was set.

He came to the door and Lona answered and invited him in. She had the dog by her side and was petting him. OMFG you should have seen the look on his face and the stiffy in his pants. I would tell you more, but I promised to keep it all a secret. You know all names secret to protect the perv. Maybe next blog because I plan on doing evil, dirty things because I have never been this wicked!

Tiny K

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Katie
Dial 1.866.437.0313 to call Katie. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Tease and denial phone sex


J are you still throbbing? Does your cock need to explode? Do you hear my voice in your sleep yet? Do you think you can stand to hold it  any longer?  If not then maybe you need to get more than 10 mins. I think 20 minutes or more and I would let you cum. Maybe I will count backwards form 50 and if you can hold it till you reach 1 I will let you explode all over my pretty lil face.. Check your email  cuz I will send you a pic.

Any other guys want some teasing hot fun let me be the girl that rocks your cock!

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kimmie
Dial 1.866.418.0700 to call Kimmie. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Fantasy Phone Sex!

  I specialize in extreme, TABOO fantasy role-play, if you think it, I will help you make it come alive! I love pushing the envelope, exploring limits and venturing into the deepest and darkest recesses of our minds. There is nothing to extreme, to taboo for me! Rape, torture, incest, snuff, toilet games, K9, Domination/suBmission and more…….try me!I love to fuck. Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime! I love cock  cock and pussy and there is no such thing as enough for me! And if one cock is good, two or three or more are better. Threesomes? Foursomes? Orgies? GangbBangs? Count me in!! I must admit too, that I love Big Black cock pounding my tight creamy cunt and my  sweet, hot asshole! I am very anal, and have mind Blowing orgasms just from a hard cock buried up my tight ass. I am your dirty slut whore and I love to play with my toys on the phone with you.

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Daniella
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Blog Special

KimmieDon’t let this sweet innocent face fool you. I have been a bad girl for a really long time. BUT I am 19 now and its no holds barred. I can be as nasty and naughty as I want to be. Call me! Visit our chat room or IM me on yahoo to set up the hottest nastiest phone sex experience you have ever dreamt of with the hottest girl you have ever seen! Call and ask about our back page special~ First time callers get 15 mins for 20.00~ So call me or one of my friends ~ and lets get off!!! All calls require a major credit card. This is an adult entertainment service. All girls are 100% real next door and taking calls from their home~ Plz be respectful when you call and have your credit card ready. Basic rates 2.00 per minute with 10 minute minimum specials : 15 mins 20.00 ( first time callers) 20 mins 30.00 ….. 35 minutes for 50.00 ( more bang for your buck phone fuck) … Blog special special special…. QUICKIE 7 mins in heaven 7 minutes for 10.00 Sample  call ~ all time after seven minutes will be billed at regular 2.00 per minute rate!



This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kimmie
Dial 1.866.418.0700 to call Kimmie. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

Kinky and cute Kimmie is waiting!

kimmieI really am having too much fun this year my senior year of high school. I only go to school for 2 hrs a day and the rest of the day and up inot the wee hours of the night I play the nasty phone slut. Its so much fun being this dirty girl with a nasty secret. As I learn more about kink and fetishes the more I want to try. I love it all these days  cock……  pussy… and anal. And if you really want my little body to explode fill every hole , up a pussy on my face  and a cock in each hole and suck my clit all at the same time… now that is what I consider fun on a small town saturday night…

This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Kimmie
Dial 1.866.418.0700 to call Kimmie. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.

K-9 Phone Sex!

Addison 866-284-9657

I have a new secret that I am dying to tell you! K-9 Yeppers!!! You read it right! So, it all started when my sexy girlfriend called me over to her house. I get there and we go up to her bedroom. I noticed her big dog Duke laying on her bed. She asked me if I wanted to see something kinky. I, of course said “hell yea!” She got on the bed and started sucking her doggy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! She asked If I wanted to try and I always try anything once. So, I starting sucking his huge doggy cock! It was soooo hot. I was sooo turned on I thought I pussy was on fire! After I sucked him we both took down our pants and Duke went to town on both of our little twats. He got stuck inside me for like 10 minutes. I didn’t even care! I’m going back over there tonight. She’s having a slumber party with 10 girls. I can’t wait to see what happens. I know I am getting Duke first!



This Kinky Coed Kittens blog post written by Addison
Dial 1.866.949.4311 to call Addison. Major credit cards accepted by phone for phone sex.